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Today is 27,May,2019
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MB Clutch Green Type
MB Clutch Green TypeMB Clutch Green TypeMB Clutch Green Type
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Updated: 2018-10-23 11:16
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 The MB Clutch upholds the most stable and efficient output ideal.  The shoe is made of advanced composite material without asbestos and is environmentally friendly.  The shoe area is increased by 60%.  Its occlusal surface is large and is not easy to slip. The arc is precision grounded.  It is closer to the true circle when it is opened reaching the maximum surface area.
The MB Clutch shoes, when compared with the original factory item, have an increased area of 60%, so the transmission power does not slip.  With independent gears, higher verticality and true roundness, this allows the self-lubricating bearings to rotate more smoothly to withstand greater forces.  The clutch spring is one circle less from the original one which allows the clutch shoes to have a faster response speed.
The Green Edition clutch is for the original factory product or a vehicle with little modification. The clutch shoe is soft skin! Buy MB Forging Blue Titanium Clutch Bell and get this Green Edition clutch free!