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Today is 21,Feb,2019
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MB BWS/ New Cygnus Aluminum Valve Cooler Cover
CNC cutting, anodizingSpecial groove and hollow designIncrease the contact area,Let convection take heat,Rapidly lower the temperature.Maintain the vehicle power stable output
GP HONDA MSX CAM cooling Caps
CNC processing design special fins.Iincrease the amount of heat required when the collision area,let the convection take the surface temperature.And keep the vehicle to maintain a stable output power.
GP HONDA MSX cylinder cooling Caps
Unique design of the cooling finsLet convection driving away the surface temperatureAfter allowing the internal oil cooling
GP HONDA MSX 3D Engine Decoration Caps
CNC machining unique radial designProtect the clutch cover
GP YAMAHA R25(R3) Fairing Guards
Replaceable friction blockThe original hole straight, no need to modify, no drillingStrong structure,Can protect the fairing,Reduce the loss of body dumping
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